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After lots of research, jitters about hair loss, I took the ultimate step and decided on a semi-permanent solution. I went for hair smoothening. There’s a huge confusion going on about hair smoothening and hair straightening. Are they the same? If not, how are they different? What are the side effects of hair smoothening etc. Well, you’ll find answers to all that and also about my own experience with hair smoothening. And all the deets on why I chose this rather than straightening, the process, its do’s and don’ts and my 4 month journey with it is all covered in this post.

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Short Girl's Saree Guide

If you are a short girl like me then you know all the saree woes that we go through. Choosing a saree that will suit you is a humongous task. And sporting that saree in a great way is whole different world indeed. Your Sassy Guide is here to get you through this. We’ll discuss everything from the right material to right accessories, colors, tips and tricks that a short girl should keep in mind while choosing and wearing a saree.

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So ladies, you all AGREE with me when I say: PCOS is a nightmare, right? More so after reading about PCOS, its signs, symptoms and its risk factors from my previous article. Though there is no cure for PCOS but it is possible to decrease or even completely do away its symptoms.  PCOS is often reversible. The three most crucial things that we need to do are –

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Irregular periods and infrequent menstruation has become such a common occurrence in recent times that most women don’t pay attention to it anymore.

I was one of them once. I had got irregular periods with a gap of 42 to 60 days. I was relieved that I didn’t have to endure my PMS symptoms and the general nuisance that I have to face during menstruation. But my mom naturally panicked, took me to the doctor and that is how I had got diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20. After few weeks, I started noticing so much of hair fall and weight gain even though I had low-calorie food and that’s when I started researching about PCOS. The things I learnt completely changed my perspective and my lifestyle.


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