Setting Spray vs Setting Powder : The Makeup Guide

Hey ladies! We all know that makeup has a lot to do with good quality products. But then why does sometimes, even the long lasting product just melts in a few hours? For making those layers of products stick, you need to invest in makeup setting or fixing products like setting powder or setting spray. Do you also feel that both these products are the same? Well, it is not the case. A setting spray is very different from a setting powder. Read along the lines to delve deep into the debate about setting spray and setting powder.

Setting Spray

Setting Spray vs Setting Powder

A makeup setting spray is a fine mist that one applies on the skin (not only on the face) to make the makeup stick for a longer time. It can have different finishes such as matte or dewy. Also, it can offer an even and more illuminating texture. Unlike the setting powder, the spray does not clog pores and keeps your natural skin intact. As easy as it sounds, the setting mist simply adds charm to your makeup and amps up the overall look. It is the best-suited makeup fixing option for those with dry or mature skin. More often than not, setting sprays contain hydrating ingredients that keep the makeup from getting flaky.

When to Use a Setting Spray

Generally, the setting spray is applied when one is done with the makeup and wishes to make the products stick in place. Nevertheless, new-age makeup enthusiasts use makeup fixers while blending. Both these applications are very much correct and true to their functions. If you are someone who likes to keep the makeup process short you would apply it when the makeup is complete. However, when we use it during layering, it tends to give a better finish to the products applied.

How to Use a Setting Spray

  • Ensure you are finished with your makeup.
  • Hold the Makeup Fixer at an arm’s length.
  • Apply a few squirts on the areas you have applied the makeup.
  • Now, just allow it to dry naturally without rubbing.

Points to Remember When Buying a Makeup Fixer:

  • Always look for the finish it has to offer.
  • Check whether it ticks the skincare benefits you are seeking.
  • Have a keen eye for the ingredients.
  • Look for the skin type too.

There are a plethora of makeup fixer sprays that are available in the market but remember the points explained above, you can certainly land on the one for you. The top-rated makeup fixer sprays are the ones that keep the makeup intact (its primary function), hydrates, keeps skin fresh throughout and is non-sticky.

Setting Powder

A setting powder is an area-specific makeup fixer. It is available as a milled powder that helps you get a crease-free makeup look. The setting powder comes as a translucent powder and as a tinted powder that is most-likely to match your skin tone. If you desire to get that air-brushed flawless look, setting powder is what you are looking for. People with a combination or oily skin type should consider using a makeup setting powder rather than using a setting spray as it will offer a more dewy and matte finish.

When to Use a Setting Powder

Setting powder is the last step of the makeup regime. Makeup-setting powders are meant to bake the makeup and dust it off within 5-10 minutes of applying for a dewy look. However, one can also use a setting powder when the foundation gets a little tacky. In makeup, it is not always about using products in a certain chronology instead it is the knowledge about when to use which works the best for you.

How to Use a Setting Powder

  • Apply it after finishing your base with primer, foundation and concealer.
  • Load your brush well with powder and then tap it three or four times to remove the excess.
  • Now, sweep the powder evenly all over your face, especially on the oily areas like the T – zone (the bridge of the nose, chin, and forehead).
  • Lastly, apply blush or bronzer to enhance or warm up your complexion.

Points to Remember When Buying a Setting Powder:

  • Determine what works for you loose powder or pressed powder.
  • Pressed powders offer a more luminous and radiant finish.
  • Be curious for the finish it offers.
  • Tinted powders work like magic for dark-skinned individuals.
  • Beginners can rely on translucent powders as it has more room for experimentation.

Multiple renowned beauty brands have makeup setting powder in their product line but only a few are actually good to use. Always remember a top-rated setting powder would enhance the texture of your makeup without disturbing the other products that you’ve applied. Opt for loose powder if you have oily or combination skin for a better finish.


There is always a tussle in our heads as to whether to go for a setting spray or a setting powder. Just remember it is mainly about three things- your time, skin type and the kind of finish you are looking for. Look for the key ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid if you want the makeup fixer to keep your skin hydrated. Also, for a crease-free look setting powders work the best. Hope you get an understanding of the underlying difference between a setting powder and a setting spray. On the other hand, if you really wish to extend the life of your makeup and set it perfectly, I recommend using both a loose powder and a setting spray.

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