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Hi, I’m Nivetha. I Help Brands Express Themselves.

You are here to see my work but first – a brief intro:

I am currently a freelance content writer and Editor-in-Chief of Your Sassy Guide.

Over the past 5 years, I have dabbled with writing content for websites, creating social media content, written well-researched and result-driven Blogs & marketing content. I have created content that seamlessly ties in the story a brand wants to tell. I would describe myself as a receptive and resourceful content writer experienced in working in different sectors such as Government, Product and Services industry.

Estimated views of posts from Your Sassy Guide- 447 k+.

Featured Content (Samples Hyperlinked)

  • Remmitance Association of Singapore (RAS): Written website content for keeping in mind the latest SEO practices & drafted the brand guidelines for their logo.
  • Payoutt Drafted website content for Payoutt, an overseas money transfer app and written blog posts for their blog.
  • Bioxtend : Created website content, product posters & product descriptions for Bioxtend, a popular nutraceutical company.
  • Association of Tamil Nadu Highways Engineers: Created website content for ATNHE website by capturing client’s brand essence.

Other Brands I have worked with are Value Scanner, Kesh King & Bramma Auktomations. In addition to writing website content & blog posts for Brammaa Auktomations, maintained content consistency by creating & distributing brand creatives across Social Media Platforms.

About YSG   

More often than not, what looks gorgeous on a fashionista doesn’t necessarily look good on me. For me, makeup is all about subtlety and natural look. I started You Sassy Guide with an intention of sharing my opinion, positivity and most importantly, to be MYSELF unapologetically.

I started with reviewing products from all price ranges and availability that I felt was worth checking out and occasionally churned out random ideas and thoughts about emotional and physical problems and what I think might be the solution.

But YSG has grown with me from being a makeup blog to and all round blog sharing about health, lifestyle, pregnancy, baby talk etc. I am a very private person, so when I open up about my life, it is because I genuinely hope it’ll help people in some way or the other. You guys matter a lot to me and everything I share with you is with utmost honesty. 

And folks! I always keep my promises? So, here are my 3 promises to you guys .
1) I’ll shell out well researched✍, brutally honest reviews because I would have tried every tip & product that I’ll be writing for you.
2) I will always reply to comments within 1-2 days unless I have a really important thing going on. Thank you guys in advance for your patience.
3) I’ll write very detailed yet crisp reviews with all the necessary things you would want to know before you buy a product so that you wouldn’t make the same mistakes as me.
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Spread love and positivity, the universe will bring it back to you!!

Skin Type : Dry Skin 

Hair Type : Thin & dry hair prone to dandruff. So, I’m always careful when getting new products.

Acne/pimples :

Not really. I can safely say I am free from acne. With an occasional pimple that may pop up during PMS or when taking too oily food (I’m trying to control that), I’m clear.


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