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Gigi Hadid liquid liner

Hiya ladies! Today I’m here with a long overdue review. We all love super slim, coy winged eye look but not all of us are experts. More often than not I end up with a blunt line that would require me to redo the whole eye. But thankfully I came across the Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Liquid Liner. Lets check out if it’s worth all the hype!

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The First Trimester aka Confused Phase

Hello, my beautiful ladies. As most of you already know, first trimester is the 0-3 months of pregnancy. Every woman will have their own way of experiencing it. Different symptoms, different emotions, different approaches. Here, I’m going to share my experiences, feelings, medical procedures, symptoms etc.

The first month of pregnancy is probably the most confusing part of pregnancy. Am I pregnant or am I not pregnant?  Did I wait too long to interpret the results? Was it a false positive?

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Each hair strand on our head has a natural cycle of growth. All the hair follicles are actively growing until reaching maturity after which they fall off. If you are losing a few strands of hair every day, then it’s normal and natural. However, if you are losing more than 50-60 strands of hair, then there is a problem. Several factors can trigger the rapid hair fall. This includes stress, season change, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, some chronic diseases, heavy medication etc.

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the two pink lines

My husband and I were sure we only wanted to have a baby when we were ready. We both love babies okay. But having one of our own seemed like a HUGE responsibility. But as time passed by, we were seeing cute, adorable babies everywhere and we wanted the two lines in the UPT kit. A baby of our own. I know it sounds cliché! But trust me, it is the absolute truth.

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