VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash Review

Hola amigo! Today, I’m going to review about a face wash that I can swear-by. Proof??I am in the middle of finishing the second tube. Yep, VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash- Deep Pore Cleansing and Brightening is full of promises.

VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash Review


MRP: Rs.99 (Available online at Flipkart, JabongAmazon and Nykaa).

Content: 100 ml.

VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash Review


  • VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash has a flip open cap that makes it easily accessible.
VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash Review
Product Swatch
  • Also, it has a slight yellowish color.
  • It smells like turmeric (haldi). I personally like the smell but for those who are averse? to it…worry not. It fades away in 30 seconds flat!?
  • Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash cleanses the skin really well.
  • It leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and soft.
  • Is it really deep pore cleansing as it claims? Yes, I have noticed it reduces pimples and minor blemishes! I had a reminder pimple from Aunt Flo ( ah! the agony each month?) but I just made sure to use this face wash twice a day and never touched it. Tadaa! Gone in 5-6 days.
  • Suitable for all skin types (just vary needed quantity depending on your skin type), very dry skin being the exception.
  • It contains natural ingredients and also has soap free formulation.
VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash Review
Ingredients list
  • Also, it is free from synthetic colorants and paraben.
  • Affordable.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.


  • VLCC Ayurveda Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash’s packaging is not something that will make one grab it. It is the same ole’ transparent tube with a yellow plastic wrapper containing all the product information .
  • Also, it is not the most friendliest package for travel. It spills like crazy (thank god I packed it into a zip-lock pouch during my travel). Not travel friendly.
  • The consistency is also quite runny and more often than not you end up with more product than needed.
  • It is not skin brightening as it claims.

Rating : 4.1/5.


  • Ideally, you can wash your face 2-3 times a day.
  • Overdoing it will strip away natural oil from the face.


When I had this resolution that I should shift to a natural face wash, turmeric was the first ingredient that came to my mind. And I should say I am very impressed with how it is working.

Would I recommend it? Yes!

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