The Most Awaited Moment : the Two Lines

the two pink lines

I have been married for 3 years. The first two years have been about getting to know each other, figuring out our lives, traveling etc. We both wanted a baby but just not yet. Our parents were dropping in subtle hints now and then but we kinda brushed it off. Then like any Indian relatives, the pestering started. But my husband and I were sure we only wanted to have a baby when we were ready. We both love babies okay. But having one of our own seemed like a HUGE responsibility. But as time passed by, we were seeing cute, adorable babies everywhere and we wanted the two lines in the UPT kit. A baby of our own. I know it sounds cliché! But trust me, it is the absolute truth.

We thought about it a lot and started analyzing our lifestyle and slowly started making some changes.

  • We reduced the frequency of eating out.
  • Started going to bed a little early.
  • Cut down on the amount of junk food we were eating.
  • Started having more fruits and vegetables.

Yeah, the usual stuff. And the most important thing, we stopped traveling because of Covid 19.

After some time, we got the most awaited two lines. It was surreal guys. I couldn’t believe it. I took the test again 2 times before finally believing that a new life is beginning inside me. That moment was as exciting as the wait was excruciating. I was so happy but at the same time I was scared thinking about my baby, praying to god he/she should be healthy and happy. Worried about the baby’s wellbeing and how I am now responsible for a person’s life.

I just hope and pray I will be a good mother and my baby is safe and healthy.

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