Sigma Eyeshadow Notre Dame

Bonjour my fellow makeup junkies! Those of you who are crazy about eye makeup would have known about Sigma Eyeshadows and brushes. And if you are bored of the usual colors in an eyeshadow and are looking for a different, unique kind of shade, I have the perfect one in mind- Notre Dame from the Sigma Beauty products.

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L.A. Colors is the current IT brand in the U.S. The fact that it is super cheap, their products start as low as $ 0.99 (around 65 bucks) and the maximum price itself is below $ 7, and are decently pigmented make them a great buy. Today, we’ll be looking at Expressions, their 12 Color Eyeshadow palette.


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Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Quartet Eyeshadow Tanjore Rush

Eyeshadow is a mystery in itself. But like anything mystical, it is also incredibly beautiful and something you can play around with because it’s all about creativity!! And we all know women are naturally gifted in that area!! If not, it’s fine. Practice will help you perfect this art. I, myself am a beginner in eye makeup but I just love it and I’ll keep practising to try and get a nice look. Today I am going to review Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Quartet.

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