L’Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited Shampoo Hiya Peeps! How are you all? Grand, I hope?. Remember how every time we tame our frizzy, curly rebellious hair with a salon hair wash, we wish we have the same silky, smooth hair forever??. But alas! It lasts only a day or two. And then its back to its tangling, frizzy self. Does the idea of salon like hair right in the comforts of your home appeal to you? How about trying L’Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited Shampoo to give your hair the salon feel with every hair wash?

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The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask

Hiya guys! So those of you who are obsessed about skincare might have heard about Lingzhi mushroom or Reishi  mushroom. It has amazing skin benefits like slowing down premature aging, anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective against skin problems like acne, eczema etc. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise that I was quick to grab this Lingzhi Face Mask from The Face Shop.

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The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Face Mask

My mom informed me that I need to et ready for some occasion the next day at 10 in the night. Imagine my expression! Really mom? When you know I have been having a ‘lazy rain bliss’ streak where I absolutely ignored skin care, beauty routine etc. and was in my very own euphoria state? Thankfully, this Lemon Face Mask from The Face Shop did the trick.

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The Face Shop Real Nature Olive Face Mask

Hey Beauties!! How was your Diwali? I had a green Diwali with no cracker. Had loads of fun calling out to friends and family, eating home made sweets…okay I’m blabbering. Thing is whether you go green or not, there will always be someone who takes pleasure in bursting crackers adding to the already rampant pollution making your beautiful, soft and hydrated skin to lose its moisture and become very dry and rough. Seeing as you need a quick fix to retain your skin’s moisture, let’s check out Olive Face Mask from The Face Shop.

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An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Makeup

So, are you an absolute beginner to the makeup world? Then there’s a high chance that you are confused as to what is what. And the complex definitions that come up when you Google is simply not goin to cut it! Primer, blush, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss, lip tint, eye makeup (OMG! That is whole another level), foundation etc. What are they and where to start first? Don’t worry. YSG gives a simple, quick run through all of them including the order to be followed.

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