PERIODS – a CURSE or a BLESSING in Disguise

It’s no secret that every girl dreads ‘that‘ time of the month. The constant uncomfortable feeling, stomach ache, grumpiness, an irritable mood and depression throughout the day. Yes, I am talking about the forbidden word PERIODS. We were made to think right from our puberty that it is every girl’s curse. Well, I disagree and I’ll tell you why in this post.

Misconception on periods

Periods and women

Why do I say periods is a blessing rather than a curse?

First of all, your period is your monthly health report.

Regular periods means –

  • You are taking the right health decisions.
  • Your hormone levels are balanced. ( Imbalance in hormone levels lead to PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I will cover it in detail in my next post).
  • You will have more Energy to rock the world.
  • Your bones are super strong.
  • You don’t have thyroid ( longer menstrual cycle with more cramps and the heavier flow may be a sign of hypothyroidism, where there is a short supply in the thyroid hormone levels).
  • You have a great metabolism.
  • Your emotional wellness and sexual wellness are in top shape.
  • You will find it easier to maintain a healthy weight.
  • A regular flow means you don’t have anaemia.
Before you freak out, how do you know if your periods is regular or not ?

They say 28 days point at a regular cycle. But we are all different, so, if you are getting periods at a regular interval anywhere between 21 to 36 days, it too means you have a regular cycle.

Now that we have seen all the blessings, let’s discuss the ways to cure the curse.

  • Stomach Ache – This is purely my personal experience and granny’s remedy. I have fresh buttermilk when I have cramps and in the next 10 seconds ‘poof‘, it vanishes.
  • Mood fluctuations and pain sensitivity can be reduced by taking food rich in magnesium like lentils,  spinach, cashews, beans etc.

  • Get rid of tiredness by munching on some nuts (Don’t go overboard, I know they are yummy), having chicken breast, eggs, bananas, potatoes etc.
    Nuts – Energy Booster

  • Eat foods with healthy fat such as walnuts, tuna, salmon.

  • Have jaggery, it is great for combatting PMS symptoms like mood swings, cramps and abdominal pain.
  • You must have Potassium rich food like fresh fruits including apples and oranges.
  • Have lots and lots of water .
  • Exercise go out there workout and feel awesome.

God and periods


  • Do not skip meals. Have healthy snacks handy.
  • Don’t have refined sugar (it is the root of all problems in women ). Try to use vellam (jaggery) , panavellam (jaggery made from sugarcane ) and karupatti (jaggery made from Palm Wine) instead. They all have health benefits of their own.
  • I know coffee, chocolate and those crunchy bag of chips look super tempting and you crave them. Been there. But think of them as slow poison to your mental and Physical health.

That’s all ladies!! You are all set to embrace your periods and propagate this viewpoint to our and further generations.

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