LASplash Lip Couture Till Midnight Review, Swatches and Smudge Test

Hello Beauties, When you ask any women what they DON’T like about their lipstick, I’m pretty sure they would say-

  • It transfers!! Lipstick stains on cups and glasses. Yuck!
  • It’s not food proof. You have a meal or a drink poof! It goes.

So, what if I tell you a brand promises to be absolutely PROOF of any complaint you have. Ladies, I introduce to you the much raved about LASplash Lip Couture.

LaSplash Lip Couture


MRP: Rs. 1390 (Available in both Nykaa and Amazon).

Content: 3 ml.

LaSplash Lip Couture


  • It comes in a transparent plastic tube with a golden screw on top cap. So, it’s easy to identify the shade.
  • It is available in 17 shadesAnd the best part? Each shade is super unique and different from each other. Can you believe it? 
  • You have neutrals, nude, pink, coral, orange, red, burgundy, pale brown, bright purple, pale purple, blue purple (who thought of such a shade?), almost black and solid black. Crazy right?
  • Till Midnight is a bright warm orange shade with red undertones. I ? this shade!!

LaSplash Lip Couture

  • I don’t know but I have a feeling that this shade brightens up my complexion.
  • And it has a straight sponge tip applicator that is helpful to apply precisely at the bow of your lips.

LaSplash Lip Couture

LaSplash Lip Couture
  • Furthermore, it is highly pigmented and has an opaque finish. One swipe of this lip cream will make the shade show up beautifully.
  • This lip cream has a matte finish.
  • Also, it doesn’t bleed.
  • True to its claim, it is waterproof.

LaSplash Lip Couture

  • Smudgeproof. It doesn’t smudge even if I rub my lips.
  • It dries up fast!!
  • Most importantly, it is transfer-proof. It doesn’t transfer to your cups or anything.
  • Also, it has a long staying power. It lasts for 10+ hours on me.
  • It is food proof. Have juices, coffee or even have a full meal. It survives it all.
  • Shelf life : 2 years.


  • It comes in a plastic tube with golden screw on top. I’m not impressed with the packaging ?. I mean you spend almost 1. 4k on a lip cream, you would expect it to look the part right? So, the first look at the lip cream doesn’t make you want to grab it.
  • It has a straight sponge applicator that takes too much of product than you need.
  • Furthermore, it has a dry texture. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of LaSplash formula.
  • LaSplash Couture dries out my lips.
  • Things take a U-turn if you apply more than 2 coats. My lips become super dry and stiffen. I mean which lip cream does that?
  • Also, it crumbles like crazy if you have too oily food. So, you’ll be left with your lip cream cracked off the middle and rest sticking as usual. Not a flattering look at all!
  • I had mentioned that it is fast drying. Well, it comes to bite you in the derriere ( Hey, I have become a super fan of Robert Thier’ Silence series?. Amazing books!). Why? Because it is so hard to get the cream off if you mess up even a little during application.
  • Lastly, it is very very difficult to remove it. I used olive oil, lakme bi-phased makeup remover. Nothing phases the LaSplash Lip Couture.

Rating : 2.5/5.


So far, I have never had any difficulty in removing makeup with Lakme Bi-phased makeup remover but this product? See for yourself.

1. After 1 swipe of cotton pad drenched in Lakme makeup remover.

LaSplash Lip Couture

2.After 3-4 swipes.

LaSplash Lip Couture

3. After 6-7 swipes. My hand had actually become quite red.

LaSplash Lip Couture


  • Use this lip cream only after applying lip balm.
  • Even then use this product only when absolutely necessary.
  • Beginners please avoid this product. Even if you mess up a little, it is extremely hard to remove it.
  • This shade is more for fair to wheatish skinned beauties. Dark skinned beauties stay away! It’ll look over the top on you.


I was all up for praises the first time I applied this product. Real trouble started when I started to remove it. It simply refused to go. I had to use a LOT of makeup remover and olive oil to get it off. It peeled off some skin off my lips too. That is the only and last time I had applied this lip cream. I really wanted to do a LOTD for you guys. But the thought of removing this product scares me. Sorry guys.

Will I recommend/repurchase this product? Never. Though it is just doing its job. It has tons of downsides. So, I would rather stop complaining about lipsticks transferring, not waterproof etc. than buy this product. It is really hard to remove.


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