The First Trimester aka Confused Phase

Hello, my beautiful ladies. As most of you already know, first trimester is the 0-3 months of pregnancy. Every woman will have their own way of experiencing it. Different symptoms, different emotions, different approaches. Here, I’m going to share my experiences, feelings, medical procedures, symptoms etc.

The first month of pregnancy:

Most confusing part of Pregnancy:

The first month of pregnancy is probably the most confusing part of pregnancy. Am I pregnant or am I not pregnant? This question will probably haunt most of you every month your period is delayed unless of course you have PCOD and you are kind of used to delayed periods. Since I was trying to get pregnant, I had to play ball on the safer side of the court. So, whenever my period gets delayed, I take the test. Those 5 minutes, there will be slow buildup of suspense like a movie reaching its climax. The first few times, I would be so excited but then that single line would give me a mini heart break. I slowly learned to stay neutral but to be completely honest, I couldn’t stop myself from being disappointed a little each time. I guess most women who want to have children go through this quite a few times.

The Curious case of 2 faint lines:

Out of the blue, on one such tests, I got the two pink lines. Like really faint pink lines and a million thoughts raced through my mind. Did I wait too long to interpret the results? Was it a false positive? A ton of google searches and discussions later, we contacted the gynecologist. She asked us to repeat in 2 days. It is funny now that I think of it. We knew really well that there is nothing much to do except wait for two more days but that didn’t stop us. My hubby got a bunch of test kits, literally different kinds. The suspense was too much for us. I took the test the next day itself and got clear lines. Uff! A bit of happiness, a bit of fear but above all? A doubt whether it could finally be true. After a week or so, went to the gynecologist and there a tiny little dot on the screen. It was a surreal moment for me.

Symptoms, Medications, Care:

Didn’t have any but took a lot of rest and avoided strenuous activities like lifting weights and avoided climbing the stairs too much. I took folic acid tablets and Ecospirin* as suggested by my gynecologist.

The First Trimester aka Confused Phase

The second month of pregnancy:

Tracking your Pregnancy:

The second month was pretty uneventful but I continued being cautious. That was when I downloaded the Baby Center app to track my pregnancy. It was honest to god really good. And no, this is not a sponsored mention or anything. It showed week by week progress of the baby growth and it was nice to imagine the tiny dot growing into the size of dates, lemon, apple etc. When I went for these scans, I enjoyed seeing the baby though I couldn’t understand which part of the body I am seeing. I was feeling pretty tired these days and sleeping in a lot.

Symptoms, Medications, Care:

The doctor took a scan and prescribed calcium tablets, folic tablets and iron tablets.


The third month of pregnancy:

Chocolate & my baby:

I was 12 weeks pregnant and was asked to take a NT scan. The first time I went in, the sonologist was taping my tummy a lot because my baby didn’t come into the right position. I was sent out to wait for sometime before trying again. Even now I don’t know whether it is me or my pregnancy hormones. I became so anxious because this is an important scan and I couldn’t control my tears. Thankfully, my husband being the levelheaded guy he was, took me out, consoled me and got me a couple of chocolates. We came back to the waiting area and I had the chocolate and they called me again. This time I could see my little one moving nonstop on the screen. Am I carrying a chocolate lover?

Symptoms, Medications, Care:

I was asked to take NT scan and Double Marker test. NT scan or Nuchal translucency scan is a sonographic prenatal screening scan to detect chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus like Down syndrome (DS) as well as major congenital heart problems. Double marker test or maternal serum screening or first trimester screening is a predictive test that reports the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities. Everything seemed normal. Touchwood.


Pro Tips:

  • Don’t be shy. Be sure to ask the doctor to show you the baby during scan. Take a few minutes to see your little wonder. I used to hesitate a lot and see only for a few seconds. I kind of wish I had taken the time.
  • Tilt the monitor a bit (only a bit) so the screen is visible to you as well 😛 before the doctor comes in.
  • Carry some chocolates or snacks with you when you go for scans. It might even take 3-4 hours if the baby is not cooperative.

In conclusion, I hope you can relate to some of my experiences in the first trimester. I know it will most probably different for you but it is nice to share it with you guys nonetheless. Also, the scans and other routines are pretty same for everyone, so you can learn from my mistakes and take necessary precautions like eating chocolates if the baby is not so active etc. Byeee for now ladies!

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