The Face Shop Real Nature Lily Lis Face Mask Review

Last weekend was all about skin care. So, I thought why not add some hair care to it. I had a mini hair spa using Essential oil and carrier oil (review coming up). I also had a mini relaxing facial with the Face Shop mask sheet. A massive discount is going on Nykaa and I took full advantage of it. Buy any 5 mask sheets and get 5 free. Amazing, right? Especially on a trusted  South-Korea based skin care line like Face Shop which provides fabulous goodies for our beauty rituals. So, this week we will be checking out the Lily Face Mask sheet – Lily Lis.

Face Shop Mask


The Face Shop Real Nature Lily Lis Face Mask


MRP : Rs.100 (buy it at good discounts from Jabong, Amazon and Nykaa)

Content : 20 gm.

So, what’s a mask sheet?

  • A mask sheet is a face shaped fabric sheet drenched in a nutrition packed serum.
  • It can be used only once.
  • The Face Shop mask is made of soft cotton material ( like the cleaning cloth you get with your specs).


  • The packaging looks really good. It is slim, stylish (am I really describing a packet like that?), soft and super classy.
  • And it has instructions and ingredients given in English, French and Korean.
  • It has natural extracts.
  • This serum in this was not as thick as the Calendula mask. So,it was very easy to blend into my skin.
  • Furthermore, it evened out my skin, it’s as if a photo filter was added to smoothen your face.
  • It moisturised my skin.
  • Also, it freshened up my face. My face was kind of dull after continuous exposure to sun that week.
  • It is an amazing facial option for lazy girls like me or super busy woman who don’t have time to visit a salon.
  • Lily Lis mask made my skin soft.
  • It brightened my skin a little (though temporarily).
  • And it is relaxing when you have it on. I slept like a baby that night.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Affordable.
  • Shelf life : 36 months.


The Face Shop Real Nature Lily Lis Face Mask

  • It has alcohol.
  • Lily Lis smells okayish. It doesn’t have any flowery fragrance. It just smelled like some strong perfume.
  • Though it made my skin soft, the effect has already started fading?.
  • It didn’t affect my pores. It neither reduced it nor increased it. Am I to be blamed for expecting it to reduce the pore size even a little? 😛

Rating : 4/5.

Suggestions :

  • After washing face, apply toner all over your face. I used home-made toner prepared using 2 parts water and 1 part apple cider vinegar.
  • Unfold the mask sheet carefully. Avoid product from being spilled.
  • Spread it over your face, adjusting from eyes to nose. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your face, just adjust it to cover maximum part of your face.
  • You can apply the left over serum on to your neck and hands.
  • I took the mask off after 14-15 minutes after all the serum is absorbed by the skin.
  • You can be sure of that when your mask starts drying.


Lily Lis mask is a decent mask. It made my dull face fresh after application. The effect was not as prolonged as Calendula mask. But if you have pores and are looking for a reasonably priced mask. This is a great mask.

So ladies, this is a mask that I you care choose to freshen your face and make it brighter. It can be worn before attending weddings or any other functions.

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