The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask Review

Hiya guys! So those of you who are obsessed about skincare might have heard about Lingzhi mushroom or Reishi  mushroom. It has amazing skin benefits like slowing down premature aging, anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective against skin problems like acne, eczema etc. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise that I was quick to grab this Lingzhi Face Mask from The Face Shop.

The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask


MRP : Rs.100 (buy it at good discounts from Jabong, Amazon and Nykaa)

Content : 20 gm.

The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask

The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask


  • The Lingzhi Face Mask comes in a thick plastic pack with all the product details written on the pack itself. The packaging has a wooden finish to it and looks chic and elegant.
  • It has instructions and ingredients given in English, French and Korean.
  • Unlike other face masks and serum which were white in color, Lingzhi Face Mask and serum  was slightly reddish brown in color.
  • Though the serum had a runny consistency, it did not drip from the mask and was very easy to apply and blend.
  • In addition, there was enough product left to be applied on the neck and hands.
  • Lingzhi Face Mask had a very refreshing and pleasant fragrance.
  • It evened out my skin and made it soft and supple. Yep! that’s the word I can’t use smooth here because it made my skin kind of smooth and plump that I quite literally couldn’t stop touching my face.
  • True to its claim, it did tighten my skin a little but ladies with mature skin might need to use it for 3-4 times to see some difference.
  • Surprisingly, it minimised my pore size quite well.
  • Lingzhi Face Mask hydrated and moisturized my tired face really well and gave a lit-within look for 2 solid days.
  • It is soo relaxing.
  • Most importantly, it is a SAVER- time, money you name it. Two of these masks applied in 4 days intervals gives me the same benefits as going to a parlour for a facial. 200 or 2k bucks? Uhmm.. I’ll stick to face masks?.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Shelf life : 36 months.
    The Face Shop Lingzhi Face MaskIngredients List


  • It contains alcohol which is a major turn-off. Why guys? You give all the goodness on one-sided and a major bad-factor on the other???.
The Face Shop Lingzhi Face Mask
Lingzhi Face Mask

Rating : 4.5/5 ( This one truly deserved a 5/5 but alcohol takes it down a notch).


  • After washing the face, apply toner all over your face. I used home-made toner prepared using 4 parts water and 1 part apple cider vinegar.
  • Unfold the mask sheet carefully.
  • Spread it over your face, adjusting from eyes to nose. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your face, just adjust it to cover maximum part of your face.
  • You can apply the left over serum on to your neck and hands.
  • I took the mask off after 14-15 minutes after all the serum is absorbed by the skin.
  • You can be sure of that when your mask starts drying.


Though all the face masks from the Face Shop appear the same, this one was quite different and had become my most favorite among the ones I have tried so far. Firming, makes face supple, soft, hydrated buttt it contains denatured alcohol.

So, yeah. Partially recommended. If you don’t mind the presence of alcohol ,go ahead.

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