Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review and Swatch

Every girl hates summer!! The thought of rundown makeup brings a scowl upon your faces. I feel you! So, how to make your makeup last longer? My best advice? Use a good primer. But alas! Good Primers are so expensive. So, I have brought you my HG primer that balances quality and cost quite well. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is a must have product if you are looking for an affordable primer.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Claims:

  • It claims to be the perfect base for make up and to hold the foundation in place for longer hours.
  • To magically reduce the redness on skin and help lighten the acne marks.
  • Gently blends into skin without adding extra shine or oiliness.
  • Promises not to clog pores, to control the sebum production and brilliantly smoothen out skin’s texture and efficiently hide fine lines and open pores.


MRP: Rs. 825 (buy it at great discounts from Jabong, Amazon and Nykaa).

Content: 30 ml.

Colorbar Perfect Match PrimerColorbar Perfect Match Primer


  • Colorbar Perfect Match Primer comes in a sleek inverted white plastic tube with a nozzle and a silver screw-on cap. The packaging is a silver carton with black lettering. Nothing fancy but definitely classy.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Colorbar Perfect primer has a gel like consistency.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Also, it has a velvety texture.
  • Consequently, it is very easy to blend.
  • A little quantity is enough to cover the face.
  • Furthermore, it blends into my skin well and evens it out really well.
  • It makes my skin soft and smooth.
  • True to its claim, it hides fine lines and open pores quite well.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Most noteworthy, it minimizes my pores and any small bumps (like pimples) on the skin.
  • Also, it lightens acne marks a little.
  • Colorbar Perfect is an oil-free primer.
  • It controls the oil production to an extent. Definitely a god sent for oily skinned women.
  • Colorbar Perfect Primer proves to be a perfect base for make up.
  • It holds the foundation in place for longer hours. Without primer, my makeup holds for 4-5 hours. But with this primer on, it holds for 10-12 hours with mild touch-up.
  • The plastic tube is sturdy and the cap shuts firmly. It is travel friendly.
  • It is affordable. I can hear you guys asking me, 825 bucks is affordable to you? My beauties, the starting price of a primer is 550 bucks. So yeah, a decent primer such as this at Rs.825 is quite a steal if you ask me.
  • It is suitable for all skin types maybe except the sensitive skin types since it contains parabens and silicones.
  • Shelf life : 3 years.


  • It’s ingredients list puts me down a little. It has cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone crosspolymer, tocopheryl acetate, isododecane, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, propyl paraben. Yep, you are right. It contains parabens and silicones.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

  • Not recommended for sensitive skin types. Be sure to do a patch test before buying this product.

Rating : 4.7/5.


  • Wait for 2-3 minutes after applying Colorbar Perfect Primer before applying foundation.
  • Oily skinned beauties, never skip foundation if you want your makeup to last longer than 4 hours.
  • Apply this foundation using the tips of your fingers in circular motion throughout your face.


I heart this primer. It is excellent in fulfilling it’s claims. I generally avoid using primer as a part of my makeup routine maybe except during weddings or parties. My skin works fine without it. But there are times when my skin has a mood of its own and decides to be super uneven and has bumps all over because of open pores. There comes my saviour – Colorbar Perfect Primer.

So yes, I definitely recommend this product. It works great. An affordable primer which actually fulfills it’s claims.

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