BODY HERBALS LEMON FOOTCREAM – For Rough and Cracked Heel Therapy REVIEW

Cracked heels is an ugly truth that most women face during winter. This dry skin phenomenon affect the woman more than men.

Dry skin, going barefoot, standing for long hours, hypothyroidism, obesity, vitamin deficiency, fungal infection, shoes that doesn’t offer any support to heels, pregnancy, aging, diabetes etc. all lead to cracked heels. With so many causes and it’s result being one it’s no surprise that cracked heels have become so common that we rarely pay any attention to it. Even a wrong standing posture leads to mechanical pressure on the heels that result in cracked heels.

Although I cannot guide you to solve all the causes of cracked heels, I can certainly give the solution to the problem itself.

I have tried so many brands that claim to be “THE SOLUTION” to cracked heels. They are not cheap either. So, here I am with yet another review that will help you in not making the mistakes I have made.

Body Herbals foot cream


MRP : Rs. 399 only

Content : 100 gram


  • This foot cream from body herbals actually works !!
  • It has a thick, waxy consistency.

    Product Swatch
  • A small measure is enough for each use (of course, quantity depends on how bad the heels have cracked).
  • Travel friendly. The content does not spill or stick to the cap if the container gets inverted.
  • It has a light lemony fragrance (which I don’t mind but maybe an issue for people who are smell sensitive).
  • No animal testing (Yaay!!).
  • Visible difference can be seen in the heels within a week.
  • It is great not only for cracked heels but also for making rough heels soft and moisturised.



  • It’s a bit expensive for the given quantity.

Rating : 4.6/5



  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight since it melts in direct contact with sunlight.
  • You can apply it before sleep.


I had tried some really expensive creams suggested by doctors but you need to keep on applying them and the given quantity is also less. So, I tried this Body Herbals foot cream and I have to say I’m impressed. But I’ll suggest that don’t depend only on the cream to heal you. Figure out the cause of the problem, whether it is obesity or vitamin deficiency or wrong posture or whatever ( your heels are excellent indicators of your much serious health problems ) and seek the treatment or change your posture or shoes if they are the cause of your cracked heels.

Lets admit all these creams are just a temporary solutions and you never are going to get rid of cracked heels completely until you figure out the real cause.

Will I recommend this product? Yes, but I might try to find a less expensive product of good quality the next time.

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