10 Best Things No One Ever Tells You About: Body Wash

Hiya Ladies! I think this is something you all would agree on. Bar soaps are sooo old school. Like literally, they are a thing of the past and it’s all about body washes these days. When choosing one, we often flip open a cap, smell them and toss them on our shopping cart, right? Because who doesn’t want to smell like sweet roses or warm vanilla sugar? However, there’s a lot more to body wash than its sweet fragrance. So, below are 10 best things about body wash.


1.They stay longer

Yes you heard it right! Body washes stay longer than bar soaps. You can control how much body wash you are using while a bar soap dissolves away from sitting in the soap box and getting rinsed by the water droplets or spray. So in this way you save a lot of money yay!


2. It’s great for moisturizing

Bar soaps often have ingredients that make your skin dry whereas body wash is better at moisturizing because it contains natural oils like shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, and a lot more which promotes healthy skin and keeps your skin hydrated (but that doesn’t mean you have to skip moisturizer. If you have extra dry skin, it’s important to apply moisturizer after taking shower).


3. Body wash means only BODY WASH:

Body washes are meant only for the body (i.e. below neck). Do not put it on your face. This is because they may cause drying or clog pores. Instead use a face cleanser or a face wash on your face.


4. No more germs:

Bar soaps are unhygienic! Especially if it is shared by family members or friends. Germs and some skin diseases may transfer from one person to another. But this won’t happen in the case of shower gel as it comes in a secured bottle. So no more germs!


5. Body washes are gentle on your skin:

Body washes are often used with a washcloth or a loofah. While a soap bar is directly applied on skin. This can cause irritation or itching and can be abrasive. But in the case of body wash, you have the freedom to apply it on your skin in a gentle way.


6. It’s a girl’s best friend:

Women’s skin is way more sensitive than men’s, so women can benefit the most from body washes that contain moisturizing ingredients like almond oil, argan oil, shea butter and jojoba oil etc.


7. Few body washes have antibacterial ingredients:

Some brands make body washes that contain antibacterial ingredients to protect you from illness and bacteria. So, people working in hospital industry will benefit a lot from these kinds of body washes.


8. Travel friendly:

If you’re packing for your vacation and want to pack light, there are few body washes that can be used as shampoo also. This saves a lot of money and makes less products to pack. So hurray! You don’t have to carry so much.

9. No more visiting spa:

Spas can literally break your bank. They charge hell lot of money for a body scrub. But with a body wash, you can make your own body scrub. To make a sugar scrub, combine 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup of any moisturizing oil like almond, jojoba or olive, and 2 tablespoons of your favorite body wash. Mix gently in a plastic container and ladies now you have a body scrub to make your skin soft and shiny.


10. Water temperature matters:

When you rinse it off, it’s best to do with warm water. And if you are concerned about open pores, follow up with a blast of cold water to close the pores.


You don’t have to completely ditch all your bar soaps, or defend body washes as the only source of cleanliness. But when you look into the differences of soap bar vs body wash, body wash seems more beneficial. So if you really want to save your money and skin, a body wash can be the best choice.


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  1. I only prefer body wash and it’s a task to find a perfect for my skin. This blog is really helpful. I generally use natural and organic body washes. They smell natural and polite to the skin.


    1. Hi Gauri
      Exactly! Body washes are so much gentler on skin. Back in Singapore, I used to use Shokubutsu but here kinda experimenting..


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